Which package is right for you? 

Power Up Your Social

  • Brand Story Video: Fancy a premium broadcast quality video to promote your business? We got you. Pick from our huge library of creative footage, provide us with a 30 second script and we will organise a professional male or female voice recording, super-imposing your brand, service, information message or call to action at the end. Voice it yourself even. We'll do the rest!
  • ​Logo: Whether you need to design or improve it, we'll craft a logo worthy of your business and deliver more formats than you thought you needed. We got you.
  • ​Press Release: A professionally written press release on your business or product, share your story then on your social channels, Linked In or with the media.
  • Custom Social Media Assets:  We'll create custom social media covers and headers to help your profiles stand out.
  • Images: Your brand needs a quality bank of key images you can use in your promotions. Choosing them is an artform and it takes time. We got you. 
  • Flexibility: If you already have your logo, social media headers and brand images, we can develop the assets your really need instead - PLUS your brand video.

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 €375 ex VAT

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Power Up Your  Media

Are you happy with how you tell your business story?

Could you benefit from a session with PR and media experts to develop messages around your business and key products for a tv, radio or newspaper interviewing opportunity?  

Do you feel you need a hand crafting your biography or explaining your business vision?
Then why not consider turbocharging your messaging with our Power Up Your Media Package? Learn tips and tricks to improve your performance and portray your business in its best light.

How does it work?

Send us a 3 minute clip explaining your business. What were you happy with?
What do you want to work on?

We will arrange a 1 hour zoom consultation with two experts to help.

This will also help frame any social media content or video content creation you are planning.

We will provide you with the key points to help with your business goals, at a time convenient to you.

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€695 ex VAT

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Power Up Your Brand

You'll get everything included in the Power Up Your Brand and Media Packages PLUS a custom video shot on site.  

Your broadcast quality video includes: 
  • Storyboard development to help relay your unique business environment.
  • Interviews conducted onsite with relevant personnel.
  • Green screen can also be used on site with background designed to your specification.
  • ​Selection of content outputted to your specifications. 

Launch Offer Special
€1,500 ex VAT

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